Workshops @ IDEA Lab Kids

IDEA Lab Kids offers a variety of workshops and open labs that range from holiday themed workshops to subject specific workshops. Workshops are a one stop shop to get a look into the subjects and projects taught at IDEA Lab Campuses all around the world.Open Lab at IDEA Lab consists of two hours of STEAM activities! During Open Labs and Workshops guests get a snapshot of the many programs that IDEA Lab has to offer. Open Lab takes place during weekdays and allows students a chance to visit an IDEA Lab facility. Open Labs and workshops vary from a weekly basis to a monthly basis depending on the IDEA Lab Kids closest to you.

IDEA Lab Kids provides holiday-themed workshops. For any holiday you can imagine IDEA Lab puts together custom workshops that span two hours. Guests take home one of a kind holiday-themed projects to show off long after their time at IDEA Lab Kids!

IDEA Lab Kids provides workshops that span a specific subject! Guest will get hand-on experience with projects that cover one specific subject! It could be a fun robotics workshop or coding & programming, investigative science and so much more! Our subject-specific workshops are a fun way to introduce guests to specific program or subject they may be interested in!

General STEAM workshops are a fun way to engage guests of all ages and expose them to the full scope of IDEA Lab Kids programs. At a general STEAM workshops, guest can visit stations and engage in activities from up to 5 of the subjects that IDEA Lab offers! You can code a drone, make some ooey-gooy slime, 3D print a fun take home and so much more at a general STEAM workshops

Our project focused workshops are fun 2-3 hour-long workshops that encompass a single project! From our hydraulics workshop to our hackaton workshops and even our drone building and racing workshops. These single project workshops are great for guests to get a full experience in an IDEA Lab Kids campus and a start to finish project that they will have long after leaving an IDEA Lab Kids campus.

What are IDEA Lab Workshops ?

Workshops provides hand-on learning experiences from building drones to making fresh cookies. There’s no limits to what can be created!