What is IDEA Lab Kids?

The Journey

IDEA Lab Kids is on the quest to find the best programs out there for children for age 4-14 years. What started with a rented space in the back of another business is now worldwide. IDEA Lab Kids is a true innovator in the STEAM educational space. IDEA Lab Kids offers camps, classes, workshops, and birthday experiences using coding, engineering, arts, science, 3D design, augmented reality, and other innovative subjects.

Innovation Lab

The Research and Development team works within our Innovation Lab to come up with all the cool and innovative hands-on learning programs.

Innovative Curriculum

Our tested and proven STEAM curriculum was designed by IDEA Lab for IDEA Lab. This ranges from 3D printing, augmented reality, coding, and science investigation, to visual arts and culinary arts.

Our Programs Promote
  • Multiple-intelligence approach to learning
  • Connections to real-world problems
  • Social-emotional approach to learning
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Innovative STEAM approach to learning
  • Global approach to teaching: understanding of different cultures
  • Integration of international teaching methods
  • Hands-on interactive programs

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