The Steam Approach


Traditional ways of teaching are so 2018. At IDEA Lab Kids we believe in empowering the kids with skills needed in the future. From voice controlling living space to YouTube stars, kids today are hungry for more information. IDEA Lab encompasses all the aspects of STEAM into a powerhouse of unique and and cutting edge classes, camps, workshops, and event experiences.

Adding the A!  Arts that is! From our cooking classes using 3D designing tools and math to our combination science and art classes we have and continue to lead the way in STEAM Education.

STEAM education helps increase:
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Flexibility & adaptation
  • Social, Emotional  & cross cultural skills
Benefits of an IDEA Lab STEAM program:
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Reinforce critical-thinking skills
  • Promotes hands-on skill-buliding

STEAM education for kids is a novel way of teaching and empowering the new generation. In order to instigate their grey matter, Idea Lab Kids has devised and designed STEAM Labs for kids. In these STEAM Labs, students can find the perfect match to their inquisitiveness and curiosity. We offer STEAM Labs that are equipped with advanced tools and novel techniques aided with pioneering tutoring. The aim of STEAM is to provide the young minds with the opportune facility to develop radical skills and meet the competitive requirements of the changing world.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is a derivative from its earlier version, which emphasized on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The need to add the ‘A’ in STEAM meant encouraging all-around interest and development of skills. STEAM evolved because Arts is important to develop the artistic capabilities hidden in each kid. Our STEAM course takes the young ones on a satisfying journey. Our STEAM labs replicate the real-world scenarios for enhanced learning.

Our innovative STEAM Labs for kids offer the little ones a chance to glimpse into the world of learning, building and fixing techniques that are hands-on and pragmatic. As part of our STEAM curriculum, we have devised and designed STEAM practices to provide experiential learning in a fun-filled manner. When kids work in our STEAM labs, they take back home important lessons that help them acquire key life skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

Your kids need to be smart – STEAM offers them the chance to explore their innate talents. STEAM focuses on all-around development so that kids grow up to be self-sufficient. STEAM provides kids with the opportunity to grow up as mature adults, ready to take on all challenges practically.

Motivate your kids to acquire new skills and know-how in our innovative STEAM labs. Let their natural curiosity be answered with our STEAM courses. Engage your young ones with Idea Kids Steam Labs. Let them choose a professional stream based on their experiences at our innovative Steam Labs.

Engage your kids meaningfully in the Idea Kids Steam Labs.

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