PreSchool Franchise

Building Better Brains

STEAM for Preschoolers

IDEA Lab programs ensure an early start to success and productivity through classes such as I Can CookTM, Coding with BotsTM, Jr. scientists and more.

IDEA Lab Kids fosters a STEAM Mindset

With cool and exciting classes specially designed for the preschool crowd, critical-thinking skills are fostered at an early age

Creative classes encourage Inquiry-Based Learning

Creativity through exploration and critical-thinking skills

STEAM education translates to success in reading and comprehension

Visual Art

Bring out the Inner Artist with cool, exciting and FUN Artrageous Preschool art exploration classes Hands on projects, messy and creative art, curiosity-driven projects leads the way for the Preschool set.

  • Sharpness Imagination
  • Build Fine Motor Skill
  • Build Gross Motor Skill


At IDEA Lab Kids, we are the pioneers for teaching Coding with Bots, Robotics and Lil’ Engineering to our young Preschoolers. Classes are designed to engage, explore and develop the skills of the preschool crowd.

  • Fine Motor Skill Maturation
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Develop Reading and Comprehension Skills

Culinary Art

Culinary School for Pre-Schoolers? Only at IDEA Lab Kids will you find our preschoolers learning to measure, and learn their science and math skills all while kneading, rolling and chopping and build communication skills.

  • Encourages Discovery
  • Encourages Conversational Skills
  • Build Gross Motor Skills

Coding and Programming

Preschool Cool Coders have fun learning to code with their Robotic friends and start their journey towards a lifetime of skills. Early learners develop fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination as a bonus!

  • Fine Motor Skill Refined
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Early Coding and Programming Principles



If there is one thing that all children love to do, it’s asking questions about everything they see, hear, and feel. Age-appropriate hands-on science provides a mind rocking positive learning experience.

  • Develop Language and Communication Skills
  • Exposure to early science techniques and theories
  • Maturation of Cognitive and Social Emotional Skills

[STEM + Arts = STEAM]TM = FUN with all CAPS!

Yes we are great at teaching. We know.. But did you realize that IDEA Lab Kids sets Early Childhood learning apart with a fun hands-on environment that also allows the Preschoolers to pique their curiosity? IDEA Lab Kids Pre School [STEM + Arts = STEAM]TM Curriculum is designed to give students a hands-on approach to early STEAM Learning. IDEA Lab Kids youngest learners learn big concepts that are catered to their ever-changing and growing minds.

We are #RockingTheGreyMatter with our Preschoolers.


Our Preschool [STEM + Arts = STEAM] classes run in blocks of 45 minutes. Classes start with the What in the World PowWow to get preschoolers engaged in the fun hands-on [STEM + Arts = STEAM] learning.

Each IDEA Lab Kids [STEM + Arts = STEAM] Preschool class lasts for 45 minutes and encompasses gross motor skill development as well as cognitive and language skill development. Pre Schoolers at the Lab not only learn fun educational concepts but foster social development skills as well.


Each IDEA Lab Kids [STEM + Arts = STEAM] Preschool class starts with a What in the World PowWow

Class facilitator engages the group by showing the object of the day and asking a question such as.. Where do you think this came from? In the chorus of answers the class facilitator passes it around the group and allows them to touch and feel the object. The facilitator takes the answers and leads the discussion on why, what and where.. This allows the Preschool brains to stretch and grow while they ponder on the possibilities…

The discussion leads to how the project for the day relates to the object at hand and how the group will work together towards finding the answers to the question of the day.

The group then moves on to the much anticipated project of the day and the facilitator helps guide the Preschooler pairs into counting out their supplies and diving into the project.

The projects are completed – messy hands are wiped and parents are greeted with big grins and amazing completed projects at pickup!

Skills addressed:

Science – What if Questions

Teamwork – Working in Pairs

Counting – Picking out the correct number of items to complete the project


Our preschool franchise

Welcome to Idea Kids Lab’s innovative preschool franchise model. Invest your time and money where it matters the most – our pioneering franchise program. As our franchise, you get the chance to revolutionize preschool education and learning. Our franchises contribute proudly towards helping in the development of a strong talent pool for tomorrow.

Idea Kids Lab’s unique groundbreaking franchise model helps preschool kids stimulate their artistic and imaginative talents in an enjoyable hands-on manner. Our franchisehelps kids in exploring the world of creativity and Visual Arts to coding and programming that strengthens their fine and gross motor skills. Our franchise plays a significant role in the development of kids in their region.

As our esteemed franchise and partner, your commercial interests are protected through and through. Our preschool franchise is given hands-on training before the start of the campus site. Idea Kids Lab franchise program is a means for fulfillment of your business needs.

In the digital age today, it is vital that our preschool kids are encouraged to rack their brains and think proactively. With the preschool franchise of Idea Kids Lab, you get the opportunity to help kids explore their imaginative and creative instincts full on.

Our innovative lab and curriculum are the way for our franchise to invest in a viable business. Our franchise not only earns well but also handholds young fresh minds through an exciting exploratory journey. Ensure that you play a significant role in the development of the next generation by being our valued franchise.

Our preschool franchises are available in almost 5 countries and it is just the beginning. Our innovative franchise model has only started to grow. An easy to implement process that starts from expressing your franchise interest to training and handholding support, our franchise model has a proven track record. Send us your franchise request today. We work with our would-be franchise, over a span of 2 to 5 months where we:

  • Communicate our franchise details to you
  • Help you understand our franchise model
  • Work out a win-win franchise term with you
  • Sign the franchise agreement
  • Start with the franchise training support process