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Unique STEM Camps for Summer, Winter Break, Spring Break and School Days Off

Idea Lab provides camps ranging from Cooking School, Robotics, 3D Art, Engineering, and Science. At Idea Lab Rock your Grey Matter Summer Missions, campers learn through inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing Science, Math, Critical thinking Skills and a great deal of IMAGINATION!

Each class, camp, and activity are carefully constructed to provide the ultimate Design-Based-Learning environment while providing a FUN hands-on experience. From figuring out mechanics of spaceship engineering using recycled materials to creating scrumptious desserts in our Culinary Arts series, our Idea Labbers are provided the necessary tools to QUESTION, LEARN and INVENT “Out-of-the-Box” solutions through, Arts, Sciences, Technology, Creativity and Natural Play.

Anytime school is out, Idea Lab Camps are in session. Our diverse curriculum offers camps from coding to cooking and everything in between. Look for camps all over town during:

School Day Off
Spring Break
Holiday / Winter


It’s about exploring the world together and supporting children’s thinking rather than just giving them ready-made answers. Teaching method we use are

TPR© (Total Physical Response) Method

Harkness Method

Reggio Emilia Method

Project Based Learning

Idea Lab provides classes, camps and activities ranging from Augmented Reality, Robotics, 3D Art, Coding, Engineering, Language Immersion and much more. During our summer camp children learn through inquisitive hands-on-activities utilizing science, math, critical-thinking skills and a great deal of imagination!

Our curriculum is built primarily using seven learning styles Spatial, Auditory, Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Logical, Social and Solitary

Idea Lab Kids Offer 50+ Camp Options to select from S-T-E-M, Arts, Cooking and Language.

Why Idea Lab STEM Education Camp Is Important For Everyone ?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—STEM, and therefore, STEM education—are vital to our future and for the future of our children. STEM – Art- Language and elements of Cooking is everywhere; it shapes our everyday thought processing.

STEM plays vital role in our life.  Cell phone, GPS Maps, drones and augmentative Reality all were unheard things in 90’s. But today, school kids from 5 years to 14 years are learning to build an app and become entrepreneur too. In our engineering/ STEM summer camps, your child will turn into a real engineer: designing, evaluating and redesigning machines and super structures. Try a LEGO robotics building challenge summer camps to get the STEM juices flowing and come up with your figure and program it

According to the American Camp Association, STEM related activities have been among the most popular additions to stem summer camp programs over the past five years and for good reason. At Idea Lab classrooms are replaced with working tables designed exclusively for individual programs and class size is vastly reduced allowing idealabers to be able to experience a more intricate, hands on approach to exploring STEM areas through related camp activities.

First Idea Lab Kids, summer/winter/school day off camp provides an informal, laid back setting. There is no homework. There is no syllabus. Kids ‘participate to the level of your comfort’ environment. Most campers once they sign up for STEM related programs, find a new interest or passion and return several times. The ‘project based learning’ approach also allows campers to choose how to focus their interests and generate curiosity. Our teachers are there to encourage and create fun activities among campers in channeling their efforts

Second, the whole point of summer camps is for campers to understand how STEM helps us in everyday life and have fun in doing experiments. Kids can build and program a variety of robots (robotics) using EV3 LEGO® bricks and software or choose to cook international dish they always wanted to eat. It goes without saying that camp activities are designed to emphasize team building/working together, and learn about subject areas in which students are traditionally less than enthusiastic or never exposed during the school year.

Third, its not just drones, lego robotics, raspberry pi or circuitry but there is a healthy mixture of indoor/outdoor activities and breaks during Lego summer camps. We play board games in aftercare and discuss in team about what we learned in camp.

Idea Lab STEM summer camps are intended to inspire future scientists, technologists, engineers, or mathematicians, chefs, artists by encouraging campers to explore these subjects in ways and to a level that they might not get to do during the school year. Some Idea labbers carry a new found interest in these subject areas home and take on a new enthusiasm at school by joining afterschool classes on STEM.

S.T.E.A.M CAMPS at Idea Lab


Medical Sciences: Future Doctors II

One of the most popular camps each year with a fantastic turnout as young campers explore the beginning stages of becoming a doctor. This year Idea Lab Medical School has inspiring plans training future doctors. Starting with science exploration and experiments, as well as creative play, the campers enter the world of medicine. Don’t have your doctor’s bag with you? Don’t worry you after completing this camp. Campers will proudly carry a doctor’s bag filled with all the necessary tools as a graduate of Idea Lab Medical School.


Solar Mechanics: Sun-Powered Gizmos and Gadgets

Ah, yes. The sun. You are so huge and powerful. How do you do it? Well, the answer is clean. Campers join Idea Lab and its group of solar scientists as we explore the immense power of the sun. Green engineering, solar mechanics, and a bit of astronomy will be used to help us further comprehend the sun and all of its uses.


Mission Pawssible: A Pet and a Vet Spy Mission

Calling all Paw Patrol fans! This camp is for you! Join us on a STEM adventure as we follow our good Paw Patrol buddies and help them out with their Paw Patrol challenges. Help Rider and Chase train the fire dog and police dog. Help Sky fix and build her plane. Help Rocky save the world by making a project out of recycled goods. And help Rubble with all of his construction needs. After one week of training, campers will walk away with a true Paw Patrol badge and will officially become a member of the Paw Patrol.


Bio-Engineering: Mouse Tracking, Prosthetic Design Challenges and more

Program a Raspberry Pi (single board computer) to monitor the secret lives of pets. Utilizing the Raspberry Pi’s portable computing power and and a cmos camera sensor we will be monitoring, recording video and of course taking snapshots of our resident pet Labbers. We don’t experiment on our mouse friends here at the Lab but we sure will be taking lots of pictures and learning simple programing and portable computing along the way.


Jr. Coding Lab with Dash Robots

Dash is a real robot, charged and ready to play out of the box. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having. In this camp kids will learn to control Dash and have Dash go through adventures and challenges in real life. Kids will use drag-and-drop visual programming tool that introduces children as young as 8 to fundamental programming concepts


Game Design: Game Salad

Have you ever wanted to design your own game, but didn’t know where to start? With GameSalald your options are endless. This fun camp is for kids who are passionate about creating their own games. with the ease of drag and drop kids will be able to design their own games and bring them to life. By using GameSalad kids don’t have to worry about writing any code.


Mindstorm Robotics

In this Intro to Robotics camp, we will be using our engineering focus to guide us. Using the latest Lego Robotics Technologies, Mindstorm EV3s, students will be challenged with intricate builds via instructions, creative builds using their imagination, and program their robots all along the way. There will be competitions to test our skills, and in the end we will all become robotics masters.


Drone Building and Aviation Design

IDEA Lab’s Drone building and Aviation principles class include a full drone kit that teaches soldering, putting together and learning the engineering behind the drones. The students will learn how to: Conduct experiments in aerodynamics. Learn how to build and operate drones. Explore socio-cultural uses of drones to solve world problems. Students will solve situations and challenges to address some issues such as possibly delivering water to areas with drought. IDEA Lab will provide open-ended challenges, so the students will be able to come up with some innovative uses that result in groundbreaking discoveries.


Tinker, Build and Explore

Tinker, build, explore as camp students actively engage in engineering challenges. Utilizing their journal throughout the camp, they will document each activity they perform in order to fully absorb the creative process of engineering. The camp will be supported by learning techniques like kid teaching strategies, team building exercises, exploring ways to solve problems. Like playing with LEGOS, but tinkering with very different engineering innovations.


How Stuff Works: Secrets of Flight

Kids are curious and ask questions about how things actually work. We harness the same energy and learn all about the physics and science behind everything that flies in this fun and innovate camp. Experiment with unique airplane designs and see what works better. Create a hover-craft that floats and much more. Lot’s of fun and creativity for our curious campers. Have you ever wondered why planes fly so high? How can helicopters just hover as if they were a

hummingbird? What are the future applications of flight? Young campers will ask these questions as Idea Lab explores the science of flights. They will even examine the use of flight by animals. Projects include different flying apparatus, stop-motion animation, and the exploration of all the things that fly. We hope your children are not

afraid of heights either because our heads will definitely be up in the clouds during this camp.


MacGyver’s Tinker and Invention Club

Macgyver had a swiss army knife, but your camper will have an entire toolbox of supplies to create from! Through trial and error and of course great tutelage from our knowledgeable instructors, students will learn engineering and physics principals. Each day we will have a new challenge to accomplish that will unleash the students creative spark and teach some valuable hands on engineering along the way.


Chef Academy: Storybook Cooking

This is in not a typical decorate your cupcake or make ice cream sundaes type cooking class. In this cooking class our budding chefs will learn about measurements, mixing techniques and great recipes. A recipe card follows each recipe so that our budding chefs can create their own recipe book. Each day follows a classic children’s storybook and yummy recipes related to them. Take a journey with us on our cooking adventure! Campers will jump from story to story, fairy tale to fairy tale discovering ways to cook magical recipes. Short stories and videos will be used to help tell the story of the enchanted recipes the campers will be cooking. Be sure to come with an empty stomach, and a mind filled with curiosity. We’ll eat happily ever after.


How the cookie crumbles: Science and Art of Baking

Step into the world of Kitchen Science as we learn Why fruit turns brown? Why bread rises? A unique chemistry and culinary experience as we learn about the science in the kitchen and learn some yummy recipes as well. This is a combination class where some cooking and some science lab experiments take place daily.


Jr. 3D Art Factory

Who says Idea Lab campers don’t do art? Every week during the July 4th holiday, Idea Lab hosts its annual 3-D Art Factory Camp. Here young campers jump off of the 2-D page and explore the world of 3-D sculpture, 3-D illusions, and 3D creations. You will be amazed by what Idea Lab can inspire within your child. What better way to build art esteem with an Ideal Lab art camp?


LEGO Robotics: 3.2.1 Blast Off!

Working with a Robotics coach, kids will learn how to build and program robots – all while making friends, developing new skills and having a great time with STEM in this intergalactic journey. From Mars Rovers to more.


Singapore Math and Abacus

Learn math using three steps: concrete, pictorial and abstract. Students are engaged to learn math using concrete objects e.g. chips, paper clips and dice which is followed by pictorial representations of mathematical concept and solving mathematical problem using numbers and symbols. Abacus is not just math solving technique but development of whole brain in which child will comprehend any subject better.


My Very First Business: 3D Printed Rock Pets

During the IDEA Lab Business Camps, students learn presentations skills, creative thinking, and problem solving skills when they take the road to Entrepreneurship. From learning about costs, budgeting, product design all the way to hosting their own small business showcase, these budding entrepreneurs will learn money management, problems solving and many more skills. Business product ideas are brought to life with the use of technology, allowing our campers to design and manipulate 3D design models in order to bring their ideas to life. End of Camp Showcase: Our very own IDEA small business showcase. Take Home Component: IDEA Business Journal | Products designed by student.