Engineering & Robotics Camp for Kids


Limitless Creativity Fueled By Innovation 

STEAM Education

Entrepreneurship, Augmented Reality (AR), Coding, Video Production, Culinary Arts, Robotics, 3D Printing, and more!

Imagination Runs Amok

Explore building bridges using hydraulic power, build Mars Rovers using LEGO™, and design augmented reality creatures to enhance the game you coded!

Innovation at Its Best

Our R&D team is constantly working to develop new and exciting camps utilizing the latest technology and scientific concepts, from Arduinos to Microbits and from Superhero Science to Slimy and Gooey Scientific Exploration!


School Day Off

Well, when school is out, IDEA Lab Kids camps are in session! All IDEA Lab Kids Campuses offer STEAM-based camps during school days off whether it’s a workday, school holiday, or otherwise have school days off, there is an IDEA Lab Kids camp available. Come Rock Your Grey Matter at camps like Superhero Science, Culinary Arts, Chemistry, and Weather Station Coding, Designing and Building, plus so much more!

Summer Camp Franchise


Forget boredom and your same old summer activities! IDEA Lab Kids’ STEAM camps make summer a totally fun, memorable experience with camps like; How to Become a YouTube Star, Minecraft Engineering and Coding, Medical Science, Future Doctor, Chef Academy Passport, Smart Home Design, Solving Global Issues with Technology, and so much more! Experience a summer with IDEA Lab Kids that engages critical thinking and stimulates brains.


If you’re taking a staycation this Spring Break, check out IDEA Lab Kids’ STEAM camps. Daily and week-long options provide opportunities for getting outside and engaging in incredible camps like Biology, Gross Yucky Science, Drone Photography, Coding and Programming, plus more! Spend your Spring Break with IDEA Lab Kids!


When it’s cold outside, let IDEA Lab Kids provide mind-rocking activities to keep young brains engaged. Our STEAM-powered camps offer subjects like Movie Studio Production with Special Effects, Deep Space Robotics, Ceramic Art Hand Building, 3D Print Toy Engineering, and Creating Entrepreneurship Presentations, plus more curriculum activities utilizing a great deal of imagination!

The Camp Difference

When school is out, IDEA Lab camps are in session!

IDEA Lab Kids provides STEAM-powered camps ranging from Cooking School, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, Art Studio, Coding, Programming, Movie Production, Engineering, and Science. At our STEAM camps, participants will truly Rock Their Grey Matter! All camps feature our uniquely developed curricula that encourage and enable campers of all ages to learn through inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing science, math, critical thinking skills…and a great deal of IMAGINATION!

Camps at IDEA Lab Kids provide tools for kids to engage in the complete design process from start to finish and learn through design-based learning methodology.

Camp Pathways

Girl Powered STEAM Camps: Bridging the gaps between STEAM jobs, education, and girls everywhere, girls rule in these STEAM camps as they explore project-based learning in science and engineering. We are STEAM Girls!

Robotics and LEGO Camps: Explore robotics from VEX to EV3 and more! Design, build, program, race, and complete challenges with robots. In addition to LEGO camps, robotics camps also cover a vast array of robotics construction and robotics-based engineering design camps.

Art Studio Camps: Art puts the A in STEAM! From kinetic to 3D arts, IDEA Lab Kids has it all! Art camps include camps such as 3D Art Factory, Cartooning, Color Theory, and a host of others. IDEA Lab Art Camps offer something for every artist!

Engineering and Design Camps: Design, build, tinker and more! From microcomputer coding to circuits, IDEA Lab Engineering and Design camps cover all aspects of engineering and design to furnish students with the critical knowledge of how to build tomorrow’s technology!

Science Lab Camps: At IDEA Lab Kids, chemists engineer explosions and reactions, junior scientists mix, measure and pour, bottle rockets launch, and campers dissect their way through fun hands-on science experiments in our one-of-a-kind science camps!

3D Printing and Design Camps: 3D printing with applications from toys to science and medical. Learn to design using 3D CAD modeling software and watch your design come to life!

Coding and Programming: Coding is the future, so we want our participants to be ready for it. IDEA Lab Kids offers coding for all ages using Java, Python, Scratch, Arduino and more! Beginner and intermediate coding skills are built layer-by-layer in our coding camps.

Entrepreneurship and Kid Boss: Budgeting, planning, and presentation skills. Business camps for all ages allow kids to engage in activities that lead them through the process of entrepreneurship and financial education in amazingly fun “Shark Tank”-style camps.

Mental Math and Logic: Test your brain power in our fun and mind-bending camps! Math with puzzles, codes and brain twisters provide a cool and fun way to twist the grey matter.

Culinary Arts: Learn measuring, pouring, baking and mixing as IDEA Lab Kids chefs cook and create recipes. IDEA Lab Kids Culinary School is in session!

A Typical Day
Full Day Camp Typical ScheduleHalf Day Camp Typical Schedule
Optional Before-care Activities for those enrolled
Camp Opening Powwow
Camp Module 1
Camp Module 2
Lunch and Brain Break
Camp Module 3
Camp Module 4
Camp Closing Ceremony
Optional Gaming Clubs or Optional Aftercare for those enrolled
Optional Before-care Activities for those enrolled
AM Specialty project based camp
Lunch break
PM Specialty project based camp
Optional Gaming Clubs or Optional Aftercare for those enrolled

Note: AM and PM are 2 different camps. Campers have the option to enroll in both AM and PM. Campers enrolled in both AM and PM camp are able to stay on Campus and are supervised during lunch time.