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IDEA Lab is a unique kids franchise opportunity that allows our franchisee business partners to build a financially viable business by providing multiple revenue streams.
We are seeking partners that are driven professionals with a passion for building a profitable business while also making a positive impact in their community via S.T.E.A.M Education.
A background in childcare or education is not necessary, however, a passion to make a change is very desirable in order to succeed as an IDEA lab franchisee. In children’s franchise industry, franchise owners today come from diverse backgrounds and share a common goal of making a difference in the educational field while achieving financial success.
Our franchisee business partners have the option to hold an active role in the business as the full-time General Manager or they can choose to hire a full-time Program Coordinator while serving in a consultant role. Either way, in this fast growing business sector, IDEA Lab Kids can help you determine which path may be right for you.
At IDEA lab Kids Franchise, you will be helping others while also experiencing financial success. Our business model offers you the ability to do both.

Company History

IDEA Lab began in the summer of 2011 when Ghazal Qureshi, Data Scientist / Computer Science Graduate, decided to find unique classes and camps for her kids. She recognized a need for unique and specialized STEAM programs that put the Art into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for an integrated, holistic, and creative approach to learning. She launched IDEA Lab camps in rented premises of another child play business. Very quickly IDEA Lab outgrew the shared space and opened their very own Campus location in the heart of Houston. Since then IDEA lab Kids has grown into a full multi-revenue stream business with many locations in Houston, Austin, Maryland, Calgary and Abu Dhabi. It is this commitment to provide STEAM education to kids and the research based curriculum that distinguishes the company today.

For more information on becoming a franchise partner, complete the “Request Info” form or contact us at

Q. Is this a growing industry?

Yes, in most parts of the country childcare and education services are growing. In fact, the Small Business Administration recently named both the childcare and education industries in their “Top Ten” categories for growth.

Q: What kind of methodology is used by IDEA Lab Kids Franchise?

IDEA Lab Kids curriculum is carefully crafted to engage critical-thinking and project based learning.

Q: What are the revenue streams?

IDEA Lab Kids offers multiple revenue stream options.

Pre-K STEM / STEAM classes, Birthday parties, Pop Up Workshops, School day off camps, After school STEM / STEAM enrichment classes, LEGO Leagues, Chess

Q: Do I need experience to operate a IDEA Lab Children franchise?

No. We provide a complete training program including marketing, operations, accounting, and technology training. With many moving parts and multiple revenue streams, IDEA Lab Kids franchise can be a complex business model, however, with our ongoing support and state of the art curriculum you will reach your business goals faster.

Q: Can I operate a IDEA Lab Kids franchise with no educational background and still keep my regular full-time job?

If you do not have the flexibility to operate the program day to day, you will need to designate a manager. You and your manager are required to attend training at our corporate location in Houston, Texas. IDEA Lab Kids also provides a video training portal for ongoing training as well as for new programs and services as they are rolled out.

Q: Will you help me in marketing?

Yes. We will also train you in marketing techniques and provide media material specifically for your territory, as well as production and strategic assistance with your on-going local marketing efforts. We will also provide training and technique to work with your local school and organization.

Q: What makes a successful IDEA La Kids Education Franchisee?

There are three elements to any successful franchise relationship: a great concept, a good location/territory and a great operator. We have the first element, and we’ll help you find the second. The real key is always the operator. YOU as a Franchisee, will make all the difference. A Franchisee who is willing to follow a proven system, and is committed to excellence, consistency, and positive communication with your customers will always have great success.

Q: How long before I start to make money?

There are many variables that go into answering this question. Idea Lab corporate team will help outline the factors that go into becoming cash flow positive. One key factor for this will be your initial debt when starting the business.

Prior to opening your location, we will work with you in identifying mobile contracts within your territory. When executed properly, this allows you to gain visibility and generate cash flow prior to your Campus opening You also have the option to offer mobile birthday parties and afterschool classes immediately after training is complete.

Q: How much does an IDEA Lab franchise cost?

Depending on whether you choose a single unit or multi-unit opportunity, the fees, and initial investment will vary. The Idea lab children’s franchise fee starts from $35,500.00 based on territory size i.e number of schools you like to be included in your territorial rights.

The estimated initial investment of a single unit IDEA Lab Campus, including the franchise fee, Campus build out and working capital, is between $76,700 and $228,700.

A breakdown of this investment is located in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). A multi-unit franchise opportunity is also available

Q. Can I have a protected territory?

Yes. The formula for calculating protected territories is outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). IDEA Lab is seeking business owners who are interested in growing multiple retail units.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

The official start of your business begins with the opening of your Campus, which is typically 4-12 months after signing the franchise agreement but will vary depending on a number of factors, namely, your commitment to finding and building out a site and the availability of local real estate. One of the benefits of the IDEA Lab kids business model is that you are able to start generating revenue even before the opening of your Campus.

Q. Why should I not try it on my own?

We have honed our operations to give our franchisees the best possible opportunity for success. Why risk it on your own when you can leverage our expertise and experience? So why have the competition when you can be the only one operating such a business?

We continuously evolving you will have access market research like no one else, cutting edge marketing material.  FOR YOU, this means we have the experience, the expertise and credibility to help you deliver the very best product in your market.

Q: How soon can I be in operating my own business once I have executed a franchise agreement and mapped my territorial site?

Once you understand the business model and get trained with us, you will be up and running a successful business in 30 to 60 days.

Q: How can I learn more?

By filling out the brief form in “Getting Started Page”. We will then contact you to provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document and help you learn more.


Step 1 – Getting to Know You: Complete and submit the online Information Request Form so that a member of our franchise development team can reach out to you via email and phone to provide you with the initial information on our Franchise program.
Step 2 – Know us More: If there is a fit for both parties we will further explore the IDEA Lab® model and how it will your exclusive. You will then receive our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) to review and sign.
Step 3–Understand the Business Model: We’ll set up a time when you can speak with the Regional Directory, who will answer your questions on the FDD, the operations of the business and any other questions you may have.
Step 4 – Discovery Day: Come and meet the IDEA Lab team face to face in Houston (1-2 Days) or Virtual Call (if opting for Home Based Model).  A Discovery Day or Discovery Webinar will typically lead to a final decision to move forward.
Step 5– Franchise is Awarded: Congratulations, you’ve met all the requirements and are ready to begin training. You’ll come to our corporate headquarters in Houston, TX for a comprehensive one-week training in operating your franchise; from day-to-day functions to the proprietary IDEA Lab® teaching methods. Once training is successfully completed, you are fully equipped and prepared to immediately begin operating your franchise.
Step 6  – Training and Support: You will learn about the unparalleled level of service and support you will receive from us.

What is your cash availability?


Watch Idea Lab Kids with Debra Duncan @ Great Day Houston

IDEA Lab birthday parties are a fun and unique way to celebrate. Some of the parties have created a long lasting impression on kids, it’s always a huge hit!

Monroe Family, Mobile Birthday Party , 11/1/2015

We are thrilled to bring IDEA Lab programs to the New Territory, Sugarland. Whether it is an after-school class, as a workshop, a camp, a science show or a unique birthday party, kids and parents absolutely love our programs. The response from the community, kids, parents and educators really give Sugarland community an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride. Every day we get to educate and entertain kids with fun experiments and IDEA Lab lessons.

Shetty Family, Summer Camp Attendee, 03/25/2016

We added few of the afterschool classes from the extensive list of lesson plans and activities to our program and it has been the best decision ever. 

Elementary School Teacher, 09/06/2016

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